Our School Tours

Stately Oaks looks forward to having your students experience our Elementary and Middle School Tours which provide hands-on learning in small groups. Students will engage in activities for learning how the local Creek Indians in this area of Georgia lived and how the people lived during the 1860s when the Civil War was being fought. Another educational tour, The Battle of Jonesboro Tour, is held in the Cleburne Cemetery. Here, students reenact the Battle of Jonesboro which was the last battle in the Atlanta Campaign leading to Atlanta's demise and Sherman's March to the Sea.

The Elementary and Middle School Tours

Home Front Tour: 2 to 2-1/2 hours Imagine yourself living in 1864 when the menfolk were absent from the home, fighting in the Civil War. The women and children remained on the home front, fighting battles of their own. This tour consists of the first-hand accounts of the heroic people left behind at Stately Oaks. Students have the opportunity to pitch in with daily chores, dress in 1860's clothing, play period games and tour the historic home.

Native American Tour: 2 to 2-1/2 hours During this tour, children will visit a re-created Creek village where they will also shoot blow guns, meet a trapper-trader, taste fry bread cooked on a rock, hear traditional Creek stories, participate in a beading project, and play Native American games.

Battle of Joneboro Tour at Cleburne Cemetery: 1 ½ hours The battle of Jonesboro was the last battle in the Atlanta Campaign and led to the fall of Atlanta. Students reenact the skirmish on a battlefield marked with modern locations. Students can visualize the relative size of the opposing army and corresponding casualties as they march to battle following scripted narration.

All tour activities are correlated to Georgia Social Studies Standards.

Tours are offered from April to October
Minimum Group Size is 30 Students
Prices range from $5 to $10 per student


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